Monday, 2 March 2020

Bremen Chowk Traffic Plaza, Aundh , Pune.
Bremen Chowk traffic plaza , a project which helps children understand traffic rules at an early age. Take a walk and learn the traffic rules at traffic plaza at Bremen chowk for the children under the tree canopy for the future.On 22 February 2020, Saturday , Urban 95 visited Bremen Chowk traffic plaza ; The idea is to develop a space where kids of 95 cm ( ideal age of 3 year) who could play as well as learn at the same time . We are glad of having this opportunity to design a space for children which is safe. A kid of 3 year old is not safe on roads, and due to that danger to them they cannot experience the essence of neighbourhood and henceforth end up spending there time into there homes rather than learning and exploring things which are unknown to them. Designing a space with this concept was a challenge.This project will help children get the essence of the streets , traffic and also understanding road elements.Road elements are also equally important. It is important for kids to learn signages.Architects are the designers of the space.But perspective to design a space is one thing and to take it to user's habitat is another challenge which has been tackled by PDA.

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