Sunday, 16 June 2019

A documentary on sustainable transportation projects
Video interview with @dw_globalideas for the World renowned German International Broadcaster DW Deutsche Welle for their Upcoming documentary. Featuring #ITDPIndia Programmes effort in Pune was conducted by Joanna Gottschalk. The recordings comprised the interviews of Ar. Prasanna Desai ( PDA ) alongwith Ar. Pranjali Deshpande ( ITDP ) on DP Road, Aundh.
Deutsche Welle is working on documentaries regarding sustainable transportation projects that help to tackle climate change in asian cities/ developing countries.
It was a great experience and opportunity to be a part of a documentary film that will feature the city’s transformation towards a more people centric approach to transport policy and design, stories of impact and future plans .
We look forward to the release of the film.
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Saturday, 15 June 2019

Tailor Made Transformation
In-Situ Slum Rehabilitation Project for Urban Poor Under BSUP, JNNURM Scheme, Yerwada, Pune
Temporary model houses at 1:1 scale, were built on the site; from temporary materials like bamboo and cloth; to facilitate better spatial understanding of the designs by the people.
The slum settlements were visited by officials and bureaucrats like the Tanzanian Home minister, Orissan state minister and by professionals, architects & planners; to understand and learn the functioning and design solutions for such projects to be implemented elsewhere.
Parties Involved
1. Local Representatives
2. NGO : SPARC, CHF, Mahila Milan
3. Architects : Prasanna Desai Architects
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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Talk the Walk Under the Trees
Video interview that took place on Sunday morning at ITI street, for Gallopper TV’s interview series Talk the Walk was a great opportunity to share our experience with Ar. Sibani Sarma shot by Mr. Partha from gallopper team.
Would like to wish them All the Best for the Series and would Hope that they continue and keep up the great initiative to connect People with the thoughts of an Architect.
And we are definitely looking forward to watch the Series .
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Dissertation Coloquium 2019
Organised by KRVIA, Mumbai
Do not miss the Presentation by Ar. Prasanna Desai
On *Thursday, 13th June, 4pm*
Venue: KRVIA Campus, Mumbai
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Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Ar. Prasanna Desai presenting at Mission 2020: Swacch Lecture series.
As part of World Environment Week, in the presence of Hon. Municipal Commissioner Sourabh Rao, Pune , Joint Municipal Commissioner Dnyaneshwar Molak, Solid Waste Management Dept, PMC.
On Friday, 7th June, 2019. 
at Ghole Road Art Gallery, Shivaji Nagar , Pune.
Ar. Prasanna Desai spoke about how streets developed with simple design solutions can support health of the city and thus improving health of the society.
Thoughts presented were well received and carried along by Hon. Sourabh Rao ( Municipal commissioner ) and his team.
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