Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Talk the Walk
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Ar. Prasanna Desai in Talk the walk with Ar. Sibani Sarma for Gallopper
Gallopper is a platform which showcases ideas, products, services and stories, all from the design industry. The team have carried out hundreds of stories on change-makers and social innovators and inspirational stories.
Ar. Prasanna Dessai, talking about his ideas, his works, his passion and his life story.
This interview taken by Ar. Sibani Sarma and Captured by Ar. Parthajeet Sarma covers all the stories of Desai Sir's life with the glimpses of some of his successful works.
Teaching + Practice + FEED & Vastukosh, it is very interesting to listen to Ar. Desai's story - A practice Beyond the Boundry with People Participatory Approach,
Captured with a backdrop of his place, a street design by him, at ITI Road, Aundh, Pune
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