Wednesday, 19 June 2019

A Movement of The People
Published in May - June 2019 of The IFJ Special edition on Urban Public Spaces
Communities are engines of change to save their cities. If we want to save our open
spaces, communities and neighborhoods must play an important role in creating public pressure. The bottom up approach will sustain longer
with communities participating and demanding amenities and facilities for the health of the city.
The health of a city can easily be linked to spaces for walking and cycling. If cities are made walkable within the neighborhood of public wards, where people can walk a kilometer or two and cycle safely for three to four kilometer as a part of their daily routine, it will improve the quality of health. Studies have clearly shown that walking and cycling daily help reducing the risk of hypertension, obesity and diabetes and if this becomes a part of daily routine, we will have more healthy, interactive and social communities.
Article source : IFJ magazine
Author : Ar. Prasanna Desai.
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