Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Design for the future

Published in December 2018 edition of IA&B magazine ( Indian Architect and Builder ).


The challenge of uplifting urban setting of cities confronts architects and urban designers constantly; a challenge that lies beyond the barrier of structural edifices. The importance of Architects concerning the design of buildings, campuses etc., is an irrefutable fact; but only a few professionals venture out of this genre and move into the public domain which has its own set of challenges and constraints. Vastness and innumerable variables dominate the public domain which lead to complications and demand higher intricacies in research and design. A case in example of successfully uplifting a public space is Aundh, a project undertaken by Prasanna Desai Architects along with citizens and governing bodies.

Article source : IA&B Magazine ( Indian Architects and Builders ).

Author : Ar. Prasanna Desai.

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