Friday, 15 February 2019

Child friendly streets
The video shows, that a street can also be a place for amusement and fun when designed for the age group of ‘8 - 80’.
If one designs according to what a child would experience, the world would be a lot safer and a fun place to live in.
*Urban95* (Bernard van leer foundation) believes, that when urban neighbourhoods work well for pregnant women, babies, toddlers and young children, they also tend to nurture strong communities and economic development.'
Cities which give their young children a good start in life are helping to shape new generations of productive workers and upstanding citizens.
@Urban95 @BernardVanLeer
At DP Road, Aundh

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  1. Hello Sir. I am Anisha Yadav a student of architecture. I went through your works and I show keen interest in working with you as an intern so that I can attain some practical knowledge in this field. I am also interested in working with your organization because as an upcoming architect I want to built and create for the welfare of the society, which I think I can get a fair chance working under your organization.