Tuesday, 4 February 2014


A Workshop organised by
VIT’s P.V.P. College of Architecture, Pune and SUM Net India (Sustainable Urban Mobility)

In association with
Prasanna Desai Architects (PDA), West Aundh Welfare Association (WAWA), Jyestha Nagarik Sangha, Wireless Area Management Forum, Aundh Vikas Mandal (AVM), Pune Municipal Corporation & Corporators – Aundh Ward

(Dates – 11th November 2013 to 16th November 2013)


Objectives of the Workshop

• ‘Complete Design of Street’ – Understanding the concepts of Sustainable Urban Mobility with         exploration of Street as a Vibrant Urban Space

• Understanding the concept of ‘Sustainable Urban Mobility’ and how its principles can be applied onto an existing urban fabric in terms of reducing the overdependence on private mode of transport and promoting and strengthening public transport, non motorised transport systems and pedestrian environment

• Exploring the value of ‘Street’ as an ‘Urban Space’ as a stage setting for daily human life, where by the physical and spatial redesign of streets or squares can lead to vibrant urban spaces encouraging a ‘People friendly Environment’

• The process to be carried out with active participation of residents & users of the area of study (Aundh)



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